Data-driven decisions; it’s all everyone is talking about as digital transformation gives businesses ready access to heaps of data. But data is only helpful when your users are able to generate the right reports. Evolve Contact Suite offers business users the flexibility of choosing from pre-built and ad-hoc reports or customizing their own to gather the actionable insights they need.

About the Feature

Evolve IP’s advanced reporting capabilities meet the various needs of contact center supervisors, management, and executives. Run and customize real-time or scheduled reports that break down business process results into 10-minute or hourly intervals with daily, weekly, and monthly results; the configurations are up to you. Supervisors gain clear visibility into agent performance and behavior as well as productivity metrics (e.g. calls handled, transfers, time spent on hold, time spent in various ACD states, unavailability details, and sign-in/sign-out activities).

Advantages of Pre-built, Ad-Hoc, and Custom Reporting

Drive better business outcomes with the ability to:


  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Provide individual users with flexible access to customizable reports
  • Access agent productivity metrics
  • Determine unique coaching needs for each agent
  • Identify process improvement opportunities
  • Boost morale by recognizing agents who are exceeding expectations
  • Analyze call volume, campaign response, or other specifics to recognize actionable trends.

Partner with Evolve IP

Evolve Contact Suite features all work together to make it easier to manage your business. Enhance customer satisfaction and exceed business goals with Evolve IP. Let’s talk today!