Real-time Monitors

With real-time monitors each contact center agent gains visibility into the call queue and individual metrics. A great way to tap intrinsic motivation.


Contact centers are always seeking ways to empower and motivate their agents. Real-time Monitors can make a big difference. With the Evolve Contact Suite, agents can have real-time visibility into the call queue and their individual metrics. At the same time, this Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) feature, improves collaboration by increasing visibility and driving better decision-making.

What are Real-time Monitors?

Part of Evolve IP’s Agent console, Real-time Monitors are an easy-to-use, agent-friendly tool designed specifically to meet the needs of contact center agents and enhance customer satisfaction. This unique feature provides agents with access to real-time information such as call reporting and queue statistics. With greater call queue transparency, you can enable agents to optimize their handling efficiency and empower them to make more informed decisions.

Advantages of Real-time Monitors

Leverage technology to gain a competitive edge in your contact center:


  • Improve collaboration by providing increased visibility into availability status of other workgroup members.
  • Tap into agents’ intrinsic motivation with real-time views of their own metrics.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by empowering agents to optimize their call handling.
  • Identify high and low performers while improving call center process.

Partner with Evolve IP

The Real-time Monitors feature is only one of the efficiency-offering attributes of Evolve IP’s Agent console. Consult with us today to determine which CCaaS features are best suited for your business needs.