Time-to-answer is one of the most common causes of customer frustration and annoyance with call centers. Hiring the staff to make sure that every customer is answered immediately is not realistic. But, scheduled callbacks can provide an equally satisfying customer experience in a cost-effective way.


When you show your customers that you value their limited time, you both win. With Evolve IP’s Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution your organization can offer customizable callbacks that suits their schedules. Responding to your customers when it is convenient to them demonstrates that your agents respect their relationships.

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There are many benefits to the Scheduled Callbacks feature:


  • Give agents a stronger starting point as callers feel respected instead of frustrated with long wait times.
  • Reduce wait and hold times and possible burden of paying long distance rates or using up mobile minutes.
  • Offer customers the option to avoid queue music, voice prompts and reminders with a courtesy callback.
  • Schedule agent availability and geographic distribution of resources around callback trends.
  • Continue to enjoy the same level of reporting detail.
  • Improve overall caller satisfaction by avoiding frustrating wait times.

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Handling a large volume of calls and other communication methods simultaneously, contact centers require solutions to streamline processes. Scheduled callbacks give your customers choice and improve interaction satisfaction. Learn more today!