Contact center agents want to make an immediate, knowledgeable impression with customers. With screen pop, agents can automatically bring up your business application or CRM with the customer’s information. When agents begin the interaction already knowing the caller’s name, account number, and other basic information, they can provide a more personalized service.

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More about Screen Pop

Improve customer satisfaction with a simple tool that saves callers from having to repeat themselves over and over again. When someone reaches out to your organization via phone, your Contact Center software will not only receive the call and alert agents, but will show onscreen any relevant records found in the system. This automated screen pop provides caller information and, depending on business applications and CRM, also enables the agent to obtain and validate caller details. This convenience better prepares agents for the incoming call, saves time, helps to build rapport, and speeds up call resolution.

Screen Pop Advantages

Leverage integrated phone and computer systems with screen pop:


  • Inform agents about the customer before the conversation even begins.
  • Make multi-channel transitions seamless with customer information onscreen.
  • Drive higher customer retention with screen pop helping agents provide personalized service.
  • Save time and reduce time spent on call resolution.
  • Help agents build rapport with customers with integration of business application or CRM.

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Decrease handling time by keeping your agents informed with the automatic screen pop. Find out more today about this and other CCaaS offerings from Evolve IP.