You recruit carefully, train well, and have solid agents working for you. Yet everyone has a bad day sometimes; plus, some callers are particularly difficult to deal with. It’s necessary at times for the supervisor to step in and provide information or offer assistance. Using Supervisor Barge, a supervisor can join live calls to reduce call transfer rates and to improve overall customer satisfaction.

About the Feature

There are many reasons a supervisor may want to join an active call. Perhaps the customer is being especially rude and the call is starting to go downhill, or this is a new issue and the agent is not handling it well, or the supervisor simply has information that will help improve the call outcome. Whatever the cause for wanting to step in, Supervisor Barge is an easy-to-use feature that allows call center leaders to quickly turn a call around.

Advantages of Supervisor Barge

Improve contact center outcomes with the ability to:


  • Join live calls and help an agent get back on track with a caller
  • Effectively and efficiently manage agents with listening, coaching, and the barge feature
  • Talk immediately to the customer or agent in real-time
  • Assure quality by easily joining active agent calls to offer help or information
  • Enhance customer and client satisfaction by ensuring quality service.

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