Contact center traffic and factors impacting agent efficiency can change in an instant. Empower your leadership and supervisors to stay on top of real-time trends with a convenient window into agent and queue metrics as well as business processes. Drive data-driven decision-making with Evolve IP’s customizable Supervisor dashboard.

About the Feature

Evolve IP’s customizable dashboard is a powerful tool for call center managers and above who want real-time visibility of their call center from anywhere on any device. It provides the necessary insights to help contact center leaders improve performance and make informed business-critical decisions, on the fly. With the ability for contact center leaders to actively manage their: agents, queues, outbound campaigns, and callbacks, the dashboard gives supervisors the transparency into business processes they need for real-time control. With true visibility into agent efforts, it’s simpler for leaders to manage queue filters, respond to call volume, enhance agent efficiency, and improve customer experience.

This application is optimized for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets too so the call center leadership always has the most up to date status. The Dashboard has a “Wallboard” view that is commonly used by the call center leadership or projected up on large screen so all staff have a real-time view of the call center. Each “widget” is completely customizable so you can present the key information in the style that best suits your organization.

Advantages of Supervisor Dashboard

Drive better business outcomes with the ability to:


  • Build agent efficiency with easy oversight at the supervisor’s fingertips
  • Gain agent visibility and the ability to respond in the moment to queue changes
  • Use queue metrics to streamline business processes
  • Provide real-time insight into campaigns, call volume and more (even including offsite agents)
  • Identify roadblocks to performance enhancement
  • Improve customer and client satisfaction by ensuring quality service.

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