You may have great agents. Plus, you recruit and train with an eye on curtailing the number and rate of actual escalations. Still, it’s inevitable that a certain number of customer contacts to your business will need supervisory attention. Make managing, resolving, and tracking these contacts easier with a Supervisor Escalation Queue.

About the Feature

When the call center agent has no further ideas on how to resolve a customer’s complaint, there should be a process in place on how to escalate that issue to a more experienced center representative. With a Supervisor Escalation Queue, your business can ensure that the call is transferred to someone who is in a better position to resolve the customer’s complaint.

Advantages of Supervisor Escalation Queue

Gain efficiency while improving customer satisfaction with the ability to:


  • Transfer calls to supervisors with confidence
  • Provide your agents with the support they need when they do not have the requisite knowledge and understanding to handle certain complaints
  • Identify opportunities by tracking trends — a commonly occurring issue that agents can’t resolve demands attention in training
  • Empower your call center agents to make decisions by giving them enough information regarding policies, products, services and how to deal with angry customers politely and effectively, but give them the ability to access help along the way
  • Enhance customer and client satisfaction by streamlining access to supervisors.

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