Your contact center agents are primary representatives of the business brand. Their professionalism, skills, and expertise on your frontlines can positively or negatively influence prospects’ choices and customer loyalty. Silently tune into a call or web chat for monitoring purposes with Supervisor Listen.

About the Feature

The Supervisor Listen monitoring feature informs the leader for coaching purposes and also enables the leader to ensure the best possible customer service is provided to customers. With this hands-on feature, the contact center leader saves time and improves business effectiveness. Listening to calls or monitoring web chats is made easy with the ability to select an agent, tune in to their current or next call, and mute yourself to remain unobtrusive.

Advantages of Supervisor Listen

Monitor calls without being heard to:

  • Identify training opportunities or knowledge and resource gaps
  • Learn insights into what your agents are doing well
  • Find out what customers are saying about your product or services
  • Gain real-time awareness of call and web chat processes and handling
  • Understand better what is working for particular agents and how that approach or attitude can be rolled out for wider team usage
  • Prepare detailed, actionable feedback for agents supervised
  • Improve customer and client satisfaction by ensuring quality service.

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Supervisor Listen is only one of many Evolve IP’s Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) features making contact center management easier for you. Learn more today!