When you listen to your clients their words speak volumes

“The system’s been bulletproof. Period. I don’t know how else to say it. I mean, the volume, the expansion, and the reliability. It’s been bulletproof. We don’t worry about our call center’s stability anymore. And for me, a CEO, my lifeblood is the call center generating our revenue and our customer service – it’s a great feeling.”

– H. Pearl, Chief Executive Officer

“Since deploying the platform, we’ve experienced improved service metrics, increased productivity reduced costs and better aligned staffing hours. I recommend the platform for any call center manager interested in improving metrics across the board.”

– S. Loizeaus, SVP of Operations

“With Evolve IP’s contact center, and the visibility their management portal provides, we’ve gained not only intelligence and reliability, we’ve gained business continuity while reducing costs.”

– D. Spees, Contact Center Director

“A few weeks after deploying The Evolve IP Call Center, we began to uncover metrics and call patterns that gave us eye-opening insight into the way our call center handles traffic. Through these insights, we were able to avoid dropped calls and long wait times. The Evolve IP contact center has streamlined our operations into a single resource center. It provides the transparent reporting we need to ensure high-quality call center service levels.”

– A. Hornig, Order Manager

“In our business, the phone is our lifeline; every missed call represents lost business and unsatisfied customers. I need to know that if something happens, if the power goes out, calls will still be answered. Evolve IP’s contact center solution gives me that confidence.”

– B. Hutchinson, IT Director