Organizations and contact centers want to ensure quality customer service while remaining within the boundaries of industry standards and liability requirements. Call recording provides the peace of mind that senior leadership and supervisors need to ensure efficiency and reliability.

Evolve IP Total and On-Demand Recording

About Total & On-Demand Recording

Leverage always-on or on-demand call recording to help ensure quality management, compliance certainty, and liability protection. Evolve IP provides your organization with an always on – always available call recording with manual or programmatic pausing options. With total recording, your organization can gain valuable information from capturing all the calls coming in and out of your center; on-demand recording lets you or your agents select when it’s best to record.


Total and on-demand recording allows organizations and contact centers of all sizes, access to a broad range of features to enhance flexibility. It also allows them to enjoy increased scalability from this economical model, all hosted in our award-winning private cloud.


Record on-demand or always with this cloud-based feature:


  • Ensure consistency of message.
  • Monitor quality to identify areas of improvement.
  • Allow employees to decide when to record calls and to be able to capture critical information.
  • Gain greater reliability and security.
  • Easily initiate call recording.
  • Review computer catalog of all call recordings to find relevant requests or responses.
  • Back-up to the cloud without the risks of onsite server failure and related hardware issues.

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Total and On-demand Recording is just one of many beneficial features you can enjoy with our Contact Center as a Service solution. Learn more today!