Pre-build desktop environments for your end users

DRaaS DK (Desktop) is a business continuity offering designed to allow businesses to pre-build a desktop environment for their end users, leveraging a geographically disparate Evolve IP data center. Unlike cloud-based desktop alternatives that require you to build and pay for the recovery environment – even when it is not in use – DraaS DK allows customers to prepare, test, and turn down desktop resources for use when required.

Businesses who are already utilizing DaaS (Desktop as a Service) from Evolve IP, can prepare desktop resources in an alternative availability zone and can leverage DRaaS ZT to keep profiles and storage in sync between zones – enabling testing and customer-controlled failover of individual desktops including storage and applications.

  • Supports recovery for premises-based desktops and continuity for Evolve IP Cloud Desktops (DaaS)
  • Allows DaaS customers control over their DR process through a flexible self service portal
  • Supports prebuilt recovery environments for physical desktops
  • Fully automates the entire failover and failback process for Evolve IP DaaS customers