A Fast, Reliable, and Efficient Data Backup Solution for Nimble Customers

Evlove IP, an Elite Nimble Storage Services Partner, provides a fast, reliable, and efficient data backup solution for customers maintaining an on premise Nimble storage device. Evolve IP’s Nimble-to-Nimble Replication solution provides volume-level backup and recovery capabilities that strengthen business continuity plans without the need to purchase a second Nimble array.

By replicating data from your on premise Nimble device to a Nimble device securely hosted in Evolve IP’s Tier IV Gold datacenter, you can:

  • Improve backup efficiency: Highly-efficient process produces complete, real-time data replication while minimizing bandwidth usage.
  • Increase flexibility: Clients retain full configurability control through their Nimble Storage interface.
  • Simplify backups and restoration: Single-vendor solution eliminates the complexity of multi-vendor/multi-platform solutions.
  • Improve security: Data encryption and secure VPN connectivity keeps data private even while in-flight.

Achieve Backup Simplicity in Evolve IP’s Virtual Private Cloud

Evolve IP can help you leverage the inherent business continuity capabilities of your Nimble storage device and maintain control over your data and the replication process. Your IT managers retain full control of platform configuration, including determination of the volume and frequency of the replications, as well as the retention period. Evolve IP helps clients determine the required repository size, setup the necessary volumes, and provide access to dedicated space for replication. Upon request, replicated backup data can be exported to external media and delivered to the client.

One of the advantages of this solution is the ease of reconfiguring the solution for reverse replication from the Evolve IP datacenter back to the client. Additionally, clients are able to configure their side of the Nimble replication jobs, as desired. Specifically, they can dictate their own replication frequency and retention periods, and can administer their own SLAs.

Restoration of the data is as simple as engaging the Evolve IP for support desk so our technicians can reverse the replication of the requested data back to your on premise Nimble device. Timing of this restoration is dependent upon dataset size, your bandwidth, and amount of data change that has occurred.
Beyond the benefits of secure, off-site replication, Evolve IP’s team can extend your solution to include managed Disaster Recovery with guaranteed RTO and RPO timeframes.

Evolve IP’s Nimble-to-Nimble Replication Solution Includes:

  • Volume-based replication to our Tier IV Gold data center
  • Full replication control though Nimble’s management tools
  • On-demand scalability, with consumption-based pricing
  • Simple restoration with assistance from Evolve IP’s help desk
  • Optional upgrade to a fully-managed disaster recovery solution