HIPAA Compliance From the Beginning

Evolve IP’s PHI-5 healthcare hosting solution delivers the ultimate in physical infrastructure and technical security, along with security-driven policies and procedures. Our adherence to the rigorous HITRUST certification standard, provides clients with peace of mind while minimizing the complexity of ongoing HIPAA compliance and security upgrades.

Evolve IP’s PHI-5 Private Healthcare Infrastructure

PHI-5 is our HITRUST-engineered virtual private cloud hosting ecosystem. While the name stands for Private Health Infrastructure, it reflects the primary objective of providing the utmost security for PHI. Beyond providing the ultimate in managed security and data recoverability, we provide a rapid-certification infrastructure to help SMBs meet regulatory compliance demands.

The PHI-5 solution includes 5 key security and service features wrapped together by into a HITRUST certifiable hosting solution:

  • HIPAA-driven virtual private cloud hosting environment
  • 4X – Evolve IP’s quadruple offsite backup strategy
  • Geographic redundancy and isolation
  • Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) with 4hr guaranteed recovery
  • Continuous Security Management (CSM), including hardware, policy, and procedure oversight

Our world-class PHI-5 cloud hosting solution:

  • Isolates Data For Protection against Cyberattacks and Ransomware
  • Ensures Guaranteed Availability
  • Includes regular enhancements to address emerging security threats
  • Serves as a HITRUST certification platform for healthcare SMBs
  • Simplifies RFP responses
  • Helps our clients demonstrates a firm commitment to PHI/EMR security

A Secure Home for PHI

Evolve IP’s cloud hosting solutions empower healthcare providers and their business associates to establish and maintain a HIPAA-compliant infrastructure. Since 1996, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has placed stringent requirements around the secure handling of patient data. The result is a complex range of data management and infrastructure requirements that ensure services providers follow specific protocols surrounding data access, physical data security, and management procedures.

Evolve IP’s cloud solutions deliver peace of mind through a proven, HIPAA-compliant hosting environment and unmatched managed services that support your specific business requirements. Our regularly-audited data centers assure customers that the proper controls and security measures are in place to protect patient data and keep it private. At the same time, our infrastructure maintains the flexibility and scalability to react quickly and appropriately to fluctuating business demands.

Clients enjoy all of the benefits of an expertly managed solution:

  • 24×7 Support and Monitoring: The Evolve IP team stand behind your solution. Beyond initial design and implementation, we ensure that performance and availability are at their peak.
  • Server and Database Management: Evolve IP actively monitors and manages your cloud-hosted environment including all servers and databases to ensure that performance and capacity levels are optimized for your desired level of performance.
  • Expert Network Administration: We monitor your network environment to ensure security, availability, and compliance.
  • Physical and Technical Security: The Evolve IP infrastructure secures your environment with best-of-breed technology, including: network and web application firewall, intrusion detection, virus protection, and event monitoring.
  • Disaster Recovery and Backups: On-site and remote, multi-site backups, with guaranteed recoverability.