Finding the Right Partner for your Cloud Communications Journey

Vendor Spotlight: Evolve IP

Digital Transformation is a Mandate, Not an Option

Change is the New Normal

Market Evolution. Globalization and increasingly savvy customers are placing enormous strain on businesses to innovate more rapidly, differentiate and deliver ever-greater customer value.

Competitive Pressure. Intensifying competition compels participants in all industries to transform their organizations and adapt to new market conditions in order to thrive and gain market share.

Technological Advancements. Cutting-edge digital technologies can deliver operational efficiencies, boost worker productivity and enhance customer care.

Disruption. Accelerated technology development is enabling both established and emerging competitors to introduce innovative products and business models that often disrupt the market.

Mandate for Transformation. Businesses must embrace digital transformation to become more agile and compete more effectively.

Communications Upgrades – An Essential Part of Transformation

Communications are the Life Blood of an Organization

The Need. Growing demand for enhanced user productivity and organizational efficiency is propelling adoption of advanced communications and collaboration tools.

Distributed Teams. In today’s increasingly global and virtual organizations, a rising number of remote and mobile workers need to communicate and collaborate effectively with office‑based colleagues and one another.

User Demographics. Millennials joining the workforce require modern communications capabilities, including chat‑based, visual, and social tools.

Customers. Customers are ever-more demanding, looking to connect with businesses using the devices and services of their choice.

Investing for Growth. To embrace evolving employee and customer needs, forward-thinking organizations will increase their communications and collaboration budgets in the future.

Business Communications are Evolving

The Paradigm Shift

Today’s business users avail of a large and constantly evolving arsenal of business communications tools.

Many organizations operate multi-vendor, loosely integrated communications environments, which raises vendor management costs and creates difficulties in synchronizing technology roadmaps.

To improve operational efficiencies, businesses are replacing legacy siloed communications environments with highly converged and integrated architectures that support comprehensive suites of software-based unified communications and collaboration (UCC) and contact center applications.

Forward-thinking organizations are strategically integrating UCC applications into their broader IT fabric, communications-enabling mission-critical software (e.g., customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), office productivity tools and vertical apps) to deliver a superior user experience and streamline business processes.

Premises-Based UCC Architectures Present Challenges

Increased Costs and Hassle Often Outweigh Benefits

Advanced UCC solutions deliver productivity benefits, yet also increase infrastructure complexity which leads to higher solution deployment and management costs.

Higher maintenance requirements associated with sophisticated on-premises UCC architectures strain IT/telecom staff’s ability to focus on strategic projects and better align communications investments with broader business goals.

Access to new features can be costly due to the need for additional equipment, feature license fees as well as deployment time and energy.

Greater focus on operations often detracts from a company’s ability to effectively attend to its customers’ needs.

An unbalanced focus on operations results in conflicts with key business priorities and IT investment drivers such as reducing operational costs and improving the customer experience.

Cloud Adoption is on the Rise

The Future Belongs to the Cloud

Many businesses are moving their communications and IT solutions to the cloud with objectives to become more flexible and responsive to customer needs.

IT workloads consumed as a service (XaaS) from the cloud— e.g., unified communications (UCaaS), desktop (DaaS), platforms (PaaS), infrastructure (IaaS)—are rapidly gaining traction.

The global hosted IP telephony and UCaaS market, a burgeoning segment within the broader cloud communications space, is expected to expand considerably over the next five years.

By 2023, one-quarter of global business telephony users will be using hosted IP telephony and UCaaS.

The UCaaS Value Proposition

UCaaS Brings Together the Productivity Benefits of UCC and the Flexibility of Cloud Architectures

UCaaS is an integrated set of cloud-based voice, data and video communications applications, all of which leverage online and telephony-based presence information and a common directory.

The benefits of UCaaS are based on the vision for ubiquitous and seamless access to various tools and ultimate flexibility:

  • reduced CAPEX
  • predictable monthly costs
  • efficient provisioning and management (e.g., automated configuration and administration)
  • faster access to technology upgrades (including security patches) and new features
  • reduced risk of technology obsolescence
  • built-in disaster recovery and business continuity
  • capacity adjustment on demand
  • access to communications and collaboration capabilities anywhere, anytime, on any device and any network
  • company ability to focus on strategic projects and core business

Finding the Right Strategic UCaaS Provider

Businesses Must Partner with a Trusted Provider for their Cloud Migration Journey

Businesses must assess their options carefully to select the UCaaS provider and solution that best fit their current and future needs. Caution should be used when relying on generalized market research based on vendor size, price and brand awareness and dig deeper for customer references, performance records (e.g., service uptime), technology roadmap, and partner ecosystem.

Deployment success also hinges on other important provider characteristics, such as:

  • broader portfolio capabilities (e.g., networking, security, cloud computing and other IT services)
  • ability to customize and strategize around a business’s unique needs
  • integration with mission-critical platforms and applications customer service and support
  • geographic reach (e.g., international presence)
  • financial viability
  • overall market power

Your Business is Evolving; So Should Your UCaaS Provider

A Provider that Better Addresses Your New Requirements Can Boost UCaaS ROI

Small businesses face unique constraints and often prioritize price over advanced features and/or service quality when choosing a UCaaS solution and provider. However, as they expand their operations and become increasingly global and distributed, their requirements change.

Mid-market and enterprise organizations place a greater emphasis on service reliability and security, customization and integration flexibility, as well as more extensive support. Additionally, larger businesses often prefer hybrid premisesbased— cloud architectures, as well as integrated cloud computing and communications services.

UCaaS buyers are also becoming increasingly savvy and demanding better service and price from their providers. Many UCaaS users are looking to replace their existing providers to achieve better ROI and gain access to more compelling functionality.

Strategic Cloud Communications & Cloud Computing Provider

Broader Portfolio and a Consultative Approach Deliver Excellent Customer Value

Founded in 2006, Evolve IP ranks among the fastest-growing cloud communications services providers in North America.

At the foundation of the company’s market strategy is the Evolve IP OneCloud™ platform which supports diversified and integrated cloud computing, cloud communications and identity and access management solutions.

With a strong focus on the mid-market and enterprise, Evolve IP differentiates from most competitors. Key factors driving its success in this customer segment include its highly consultative approach, customized solutions and extensive cloud services portfolio, which is comprised of the following:

  • cloud communications
  • contact center
  • virtual desktop
  • disaster recovery as a service
  • identity management
  • infrastructure as a service

Strong Technology Foundation

Industry-leading Platform and Important Integrations with Third-party Software

Evolve IP’s Cloud Phone System and Unified Communications are based on Cisco/BroadSoft’s widely deployed multi-tenant hosted PBX platform, layered with an internally developed softswitch, other intellectual property such as their award-winning CCaaS offering, and third‑party technologies.

Evolve IP UCaaS solutions deliver a broad set of communications and collaboration tools in four different feature bundles:

  • Common Area Station
  • Standard User
  • Premium User
  • UC User

All bundles include local and domestic long‑distance calling. Businesses may also purchase features a la carte.

Integrated UCaaS & Customer Experience Portfolio

Evolve IP Strengths & Differentiators

Key Factors to Consider When Evaluating Evolve IP as a UCaaS Provider
  • Ability to design and deploy highly-customized cloud strategies that meet a client’s unique needs
  • Integrated cloud PBX/UC and contact center solutions
  • Strong focus on communications integration with business and productivity software
  • Expanding geographic reach with strong presence in both North America and Europe
  • Global users supported on a single platform
  • International offering
  • Geo-redundant data center infrastructure and keen focus on service security, reliability and industry compliance
  • A white-glove approach to services implementation
  • Leverage of industry-leading technologies
  • Flexible feature bundles and a-la-carte options
  • Extensive cloud communications, cloud computing and identity management services portfolio

Make UCaaS Part or Your Digital Transformation Strategy

A Holistic Approach to UCaaS Adoption Delivers Better Business Outcomes

Digital transformation is a prerequisite for success in today’s dynamically evolving markets. Businesses must leverage advanced technologies to become more competitive and thrive.

Cloud architectures deliver compelling benefits that can greatly enhance a company’s market position. Adopting cloud communications can provide businesses with both operational efficiencies and a competitive edge.

A structured approach to UCaaS adoption ensures communications investments are well aligned with business objectives and meet or exceed targeted key performance indicators (KPIs).

Evolve IP delivers an ideal integrated solution for mid-market and growing businesses, particularly those with expanding international presence, via the following capabilities:

  • Highly customized solutions and strategic approach
  • Integrated UCaaS, contact center and cloud computing services delivered by Evolve IP OneCloud™ platform
  • A single platform and organization providing global services