Credit Union Top Technology Trends

Delivering a better and a differentiated member experience has never been so critical. Download this resource to learn more about the top trends among credit union executives.

Comprehensive insights to help you plan, evaluate and implement the right strategies and technologies to benefit member satisfaction.

Technology has transformed the way members can engage and communicate. Members are increasingly using technology to conduct business. This has made it critical for credit unions to continuously adopt and innovate the product and services they offer to their members. According to research:

  • 69% of credit union CEO’s expect to spend more on technology
  • 57% credit unions want to use technology to improve efficiency and member experience
  • Credit unions are turning faster than ever to secure, compliant clouds to protect member data and systems at a reduced cost

150 Million

US adults will be using mobile banking in 2018


21% of credit unions rank risk data aggregation as a top IT investment priority

Happy Customers

63% of credit unions want to use technology for better member service

Technology Usage

57% credit unions want to use technology for better efficiencies


72% of credit unions reported ongoing regulatory compliance challenges


89% of credit union members favor a credit union over a bank

Member Experience

Regardless of asset size, large and small credit unions alike must begin developing a cohesive vision for member experience

Risk Management

Fewer than 1 in 5 credit unions believe their organizations have a comprehensive risk management program in place

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