Evolve IP now offers an improved global solution, Global Evolved Office (GEO).

According to a survey conducted by the US Foreign Exchange, over half of small businesses already have international customers. Whether you are included in this 58 percent or plan on expanding your customer base abroad in the future, Evolve IP can help you move forward. With our recent announcement, we are now able to offer ourHPBX (Hosted Private Branch Exchange) in over 20 countries in the EU region. Hosted out of the United Kingdom, GEO delivers the same feature rich suite as our US seats while still adhering to international compliance and regulatory considerations.

GEO helps partners deliver a complete end-to-end HPBX solution to international remote offices in the UK/ EU region where Evolve IP can cater to ALL of the customers calling needs. It helps improve total cost of ownership (TCO) by having centralized billing and management of users from their US location, and it provides a single point of support for all locations.

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