Evolve IP follows a six-step process to implement, deploy and train businesses on our Evolve Teams Enterprise Voice (a.k.a Microsoft Teams Direct Routing) solution. This detailed process ensures a smooth transition to an evolved solution.

Step 1: Planning and Design

As part of this process, Evolve IP and the client share all the necessary information and fill out the requirements that they need in order to implement voice-enabled Microsoft Teams. This step includes the following points and more:

  • Complete implementation workbook
  • Provide documentation on call flow and routing
  • Identify business and technical requirements
  • Document requirements in vendor apps
  • Verify and purchase necessary Microsoft Licensing
  • Approve Design

Step 2: Microsoft/Office 365 Build and Ossmosis/Cisco Build

The Microsoft / Office 365 build and OSSmosis / Cisco build can take place simultaneously. Here are the key steps that we typically cover under each of the builds:

Microsoft / Office 365 Build includes:

  • Build sub domains, gateways, trunking & voice routing policies
  • Build user roles, permissions & PSTN usages

OSSmosis / Cisco Build:

  • Build hosted PBX and contact center functionalities
  • Install applications, bookmark web-based apps, test logins
  • Build your identity and access management instance
  • Build web-based portal

Step 3: Pre-Installation Followed by Installations

The step mainly involves ordering the necessary equipment and reviewing the installation process to ensure the business has everything to move to the next step i.e. Installation of those equipment & devices.

  • Review Installation Process
  • Order Necessary Equipment
  • Communicate Installation Plan
  • Install

Step 4: User Acceptance Testing

As part of this step, we test the solution, confirm users have the required access and ensure everything is operating as planned with the installation. We make necessary changes based on the test results. We perform the following steps and more:

  • Perform user acceptance testing
  • Document Feedback
  • User Acceptance Testing Approval
  • Finalize Go-Live Testing
  • Finalize End-User Change Management
  • Ensure every user has logged into MS Teams and confirmed access

Step 5: Training

To ensure smooth onboarding, Evolve IP conducts the following training before Go-Live:

  • Receptionist
  • Contact Center
  • CRM Integration

In addition to this, after Go-Live, users will have access to resources and weekly Evolve IP training webinars as well.

Step 6: Go-Live

This is the final step in the implementation process where the enterprise goes live with Evolve Teams Enterprise Voice solution.