OSSmosis 5.0 enables businesses to quickly configure users, schedules and notifications from anywhere in the world with a few simple clicks. It helps customers gain complete control over the key aspects of their Phone Systems, Contact Centers, Virtual Servers, Virtual Desktops, and other critical cloud services. Partners are empowered from the sales process all the way through provisioning and implementation. We’ve designed OSSmosis from the ground up to provide a unified cloud self-service experience with tools that are easy to use, comprehensive, and reliable.

Explore various aspects of the OSSmosis platform:

Personal and Administrator Portal

Enables control over all Unified Communications settings at the organizational and individual levels.

  • The OSSmosis Administrator Portal grants full access for IT Administrators and other personnel to control your Evolve IP technology across the entire organization.
  • The OSSmosis Personal Portal grants an individual user complete control over telephony, voicemail, and conferencing functions. Both of these portals

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vCloud Director®

vCloud Director

VMware® vCloud Director® orchestrates the provisioning of software-defined datacenter services to deliver complete virtual datacenters for easy consumption in minutes.

Call Center Control

Allows administrators point-and-click configuration and real-time changes.

  • Manage queues, agents and supervisors
  • Manage caller interactions, business workflow as well as queue callback
  • Listen and manage call recordings
  • Archive and download specific interactions for quality management and coaching purpose
  • Manage and configure user groups and recording profiles for your enterprise
  • All call recordings are HIPAA and PCI DSS compliant – along with adhering to many other standards

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Partner Sales Portal

Enables better management of leads, opportunities & accounts.

  • Manage account invoices, review account contracts & invoice notifications
  • Create, schedule and generate reports
  • View which services have been installed at which locations, including the cost, activation date, and quantity of each service

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Private Label Provisioning Portal

This brandable portal for Evolve IP’s Private Label Partners enables complete control over the provisioning process and administration of their customer’s cloud services.
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