It’s so easy, you can do it through OSSmosis.

Evolve IP’s OSSmosis for Partners: Sales portal allows partners unprecedented access and control over their interactions with Evolve IP’s systems and solutions. It also allows partners and agents to build custom quotations, retrieve marketing materials, request special pricing, and monitor your sales progress — all from one easy-to-use interface.

OSSmosis for Partners Home

The home screen presents an overview of OSSmosis for Partners and contains links to view the numerous functions and reports.

Keep Track of your Leads, Accounts, and Contacts

Manage all of your prospect’s information: organizational-level information, location information, contacts, and roles.

Track Your Opportunities

Manage each opportunity including deal value (pre- and post- discount), status, locations, and contact roles.

Build Proposals Product-by-Product

Add, modify, and remove products from each location; edit quantities; and discount levels.

Collateral & Reference Library

Download Evolve IP marketing slicks, training materials, case studies, whitepapers, and more.
All from a single, centralized repository inside of OSSmosis for Partners.