Hosted Phone Systems & Unified Communications with

95% Client Satisfaction Rate

  • Award-winning business collaboration tools including audio & video calling / conferencing
  • Email, chat, meet and exchange files all in one place
  • 40+ CRM integrations
  • Open API’s & Customized solution
  • Lower TCO and no hidden junk fees
  • Built-in disaster recovery and business continuity features
  • Cloud compliant & secure solution
  • Easy implementation and flexible deployment
Unified Communications Collaborations

According to Forrester, businesses using unified communications notice a

72% increase in productivity


Multi-party Calling & Conferencing

Share screens, exchange files, schedule and record meetings for hundreds of participants. Create more engaging personal relationships by video calling using softphone from mobile & deskptop

Mobile App Integration

Seamlessly transition calls from desktop to iOS and Android mobile devices using their business phone number

Email & Unified Messaging

Receive all messages (email, voicemail, fax) on one inbox, click-to-dial from the same application, view colleague’s phone presence and more

Feature Rich. Simple To Use. Flexible Deployment.

Evolve IP’s analyst-recognized hosted phone & unified communication solution delivers world-class collaboration (video, chat, conferencing and more) and crystal-clear voice services that integrate with the applications you’re already using today; dramatically easing deployment and user adoption. Even better, as a strategic partner, we design and customize our solutions to fit the unique needs of your business instead of forcing you into a “one-size-fits-none” service.

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“Their VoIP solutions have made it incredibly easy for us to open new office locations around the US and extend services to them from our HQ at minimal cost”

– Jason Robins, IT Manager
Integrated Global Services

Unified Communication Interface

Connect Anywhere. Integrate Seamlessly. Collaborate Instantly.

Why Choose Evolve IP


Use a single number that reaches you wherever you are, on any device. Move calls seamlessly from your desk phone to your mobile. Connect with people when it’s most critical to your business.

Lower Service Fees

Lower your total cost of ownership & eliminate the hidden taxes & fees with our predictable cloud-based Gartner-recognized solution.


When an on-premises phone system goes down the fingers start pointing. It seems that no-one, not the PBX vendor, the carrier, the ISP or network integrator will take responsibility. With Evolve IP, everything is under one reliable roof. One number to call for rapid resolution.

Unprecedented Control

With Evolve IP’s Phone System Moves, Adds & Changes (MACs) are no longer time-consuming or costly. Our award-winning web-based admin portal allows managers to quickly configure users, schedules & notifications from anywhere in the world with a few simple clicks.

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

Maintain communication between your international sites & customers and keep your business running even during an event of a disaster and power outage.

Blue-Chip Technologies

Built on top of blue-chip providers like Cisco and Broadsoft to ensure uptime, scalability, and geographic failover that’s simply unavailable and unreliable on open source platforms.

95% Client Satisfaction Rate

Client satisfaction is a core Evolve IP value and our latest score was 95%(third-party verified)! How did we achieve that? We provide businesses with dedicated resources for their entire client experience – from design to deployment to support. Our highly trained and certified support professionals are there for you 24×7 at no additional cost.

Unified communication

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