FeatureDescriptionUC UserPremium UserStandard UserCommon Area Station
Caller ID:Enables the delivery of a caller’s identity to a user via the phone and applications
Group Directory:Enables users to search your corporate directory from the Evolve IP handset
N-Way Calling:Allows users to initiate a three-way call from the handset; N-way calling from applications
Overhead Paging:Allows organizations to connect and dial into a third party speaker system for paging, which may be across locations.
Privacy:Removes a user from the corporate directory to prevent unsolicited calling from outside the organization.
Call Forward Always:Enables a user to redirect all incoming calls to another phone number
Call Forward Busy:Enables a user to redirect calls to another destination when an incoming call encounters a busy condition
Call Forward No Answer:Enables a user to redirect calls to another destination when an incoming call is not answered within a specified number of rings
Call Forward Not Reachable:A business continuity setting that pushes calls to user’s cell phones when a handset is unable to reach the hosted PBX platform.
Voicemail / Unified Messaging:Enables users to receive voicemail on the handset, a .WAV file of the message delivered to email, and receive an SMS notification alert.
Voice Platform API:Allows businesses to integrate business applications with the Evolve voice platform for common features, such as: click to call, caller ID lookup, screen-pop, and more.
Anywhere (Twinning):Enables users to receive calls on a mobile device and transfer calls seamlessly with a desk phone. Enables users to place outgoing calls from a mobile device using business caller ID.
Busy Lamp Field (line monitor):Enables a user to view the status (on hook, off hook) of another extension or DID.
Shared Call Appearance:Enables multiple devices (handsets) to have an appearance of an extension or DID, and share calls between multiple devices.
Alternate Numbers:Enables users to have more than one inbound telephone number, both domestic and international for receiving calls.
Call Barge:Enables the user to barge-in on the call if already answered, creating a three-way call.
Push to Talk (Intercom):Enables user to intercom (1 to 1) other users in the organization on their speakerphone.
Directed Call Pickup:Enables a user to answer a call directed to another phone in their group.
Do Not Disturb:Allows users to set their station as unavailable so that incoming calls are given a busy treatment.
N-Way Calling:Allows users to add any number of other parties to a call from UC-One, up to a maximum of 15.
Remote Office:Enables users to access and use their Evolved Office service from any endpoint, on-net or off-net (for example, home office, mobile phone).
Selective Call Acceptance/Rejection:Enables a user to define criteria that causes certain incoming calls to be allowed or rejected.
Simultaneous Ring:Enables users to have multiple phones ring (up to 10) simultaneously when any calls are received on their Evolve IP phone number.
Speed Dial:Enables users one or two-digit codes to call up to 100-speed dial numbers.
Priority Alert:Ring your phone with a distinctive ring when pre-defined criteria, such as phone number, time of day or day of the week, are met.
Anonymous Call Rejection:Enables a user to reject calls from anonymous parties who have explicitly restricted their Caller ID.
Call Forward Selective:Enables a user to define criteria that cause certain incoming calls to be redirected to another destination.
Call Park/Call Retrieve:Enables a user to hold a call and to retrieve it from another station within the group.
Call Pickup:Enables a user to answer any ringing line within their pick-up group.
Hoteling:Enables a user (guest) to login to another phone and assume it as their primary phone for daily use, then revert back to the default (host) profile.


UC Users can include one or two applications from the options below based on sales order


FeatureDescriptionUC UserPremium UserStandard UserCommon Area Station
Evolved Office: UC-OneProvides users an application for instant messaging, phone and calendar presence, soft phone for voice and video calling, web collaboration, and mobility application. Supports PC, MAC, iOS, and Android.Add-onN/AN/A
Lync Connect (Skype for Business)Integration with Outlook, IE, Firefox, and Lync. Users have access to contact and enterprise directory searching, phone presence in Lync, click to call, call control, and more.Add-onN/AN/A
Google ConnectEnables businesses using Google Apps and Gmail to integrate phone presence into Gtalk, click-to-dial from contacts and email, inbound contact lookup, call searching, reporting, and more.Add-onN/AN/A
Salesforce ConnectPlatform integration to provide automated call logging into Activity History in SF for contacts, leads, accounts, opportunities, and cases, click-to-call, access to call history, and more.Add-onN/AN/A
ZenDesk ConnectPlatform integration to provide inbound caller ID lookup, automated call logging in tickets, click-to-call, access to call history, and more.Add-onN/AN/A
CRM ConnectDesktop application that integrates with more than 20 CRM applications to provide a screen-pop when looking up caller ID info in leading CRMs, click-to-call, access to call settings, enterprise phone presence, and more.Add-onN/AN/A


Additional Unified Communications Services


FeatureDescriptionUC UserPremium UserStandard UserCommon Area Station
Audio ConferencingAccess to an audio conference line with unique access codes for moderators to bridge participants.OptionalOptionalOptionalN/A
Inbound Fax MessagingReceive incoming fax messages as an attachment in email.OptionalOptionalOptionalN/A
Voicemail ScribeDelivers a transcription of your audio message to your email for reading on any device. Add on feature.OptionalOptionalOptionalN/A
Call RecordingAbility to record a user’s phone calls for storage and/or playback. Users can record all callsor activate recording on-demand.OptionalOptionalOptionalN/A
Open SeatingAllows an available phone to be configured with a user’s phone preferences and settings for speed dial buttons, line keys and soft keys by simply logging into the phone with your voice mail password.OptionalOptionalN/AN/A



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