The Reflection Data Backup & Recovery (DBR) solution option is a comprehensive, low-cost, and easy-to-implement solution for secure and reliable off-site data backup. Reflection enables organizations to strengthen their data protection, streamline backup and recovery, and meet a wide range of compliance service levels.

Whether you are securing data from a server, laptop, desktop, or network storage appliance, or need to recover a mission critical server our intuitive software will guide you every step of the way.

  • Data backup for servers, laptops, desktops, and Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • System state recovery of Windows Operating Systems.
  • Simple, software-based configuration automates your recurring data backup tasks.
  • Point-and-click recovery of files.
  • Data is encrypted, then stored off-site on a secured platform with 24×7 monitoring.
  • Fulfills numerous compliance requirements