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10 MINUTE GUIDE: Healthcare Ransomware Protection

When dealing with mission-critical — or in the case of healthcare providers, “life-critical” — systems, data loss and time loss from cyberattacks and ransomware are unacceptable. While most companies have implemented some type of formal backup or disaster recovery plan, many are regrettably learning too late just how unprepared they are.

While this is especially true of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) with limited IT resources, even larger enterprises are finding themselves at the mercy of attackers because they aren’t properly protected. As a result — under the pressure of an attack — they are not able to recover their production systems without significant cost, anguish, and embarrassment.


Facts Overview:

  • Ransomware attacks are a growing threat
  • The stakes are high for successful attacks
  • Avoiding ransomware is almost impossible
  • Human error is the greatest risk
  • Protection is about “incident response”, not just “prevention”
  • Paying the attackers a ransom is not a reliable solution
  • Reliable, isolated data backups are the key—just ask the FBI
  • Making “regular backups” is different than having “recoverable backups”
  • Evolve IP creates isolated backups in our secure virtual private cloud
  • Evolve IP’s backups “inoculate” your business from ransomware viruses




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