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2016 Evolve IP Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Survey

This year’s survey on Disaster Recovery technologies played out like a referendum between two major political parties; in this case The Premise Party and the Hosted Party. And while there continues to be many splintered factions within each group we found that many respondents are considering leaving the majority party (premise) and migrating to hosted.

In addition, we found that organizational standard bearers (C-Level executives) appear to be out-of-synch with their support staff (IT associates). From their belief in their organization’s preparedness, to knowledge of solutions, the leaders of today’s organizations need a crash course in DR policy before they head into the next budget debate.


Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Soundbytes
  • The October Surprise
  • Compliance Wins in a Landslide
  • The Freshman Senator
  • An End to Legacy DR Gridlock
  • Meltdowns
  • Hard Money & Soft Money
  • DR Plans & Promises
  • The Annual Budget Referendum
  • Conclusion




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