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5 Common Misconceptions about Moving Your Phone System to the Cloud

  • You don’t have as much control over your PBX when it is hosted as you do when it is on premise.
  • Sound quality is poor on hosted phone systems.
  • The Cloud is just a fad.
  • Moving to the cloud means IT staff loses job security.
  • The cloud only benefits small businesses, not enterprises.


However, there are still some common misconceptions that service providers encounter when speaking with prospective customers. As part of our ongoing educational efforts, we have rounded up explanations of five of the misconceptions we most commonly encounter.

Today, organizations of all sizes are adopting cloud-based PBX systems. The IP voice services market is currently growing at a 28.8% compound annual growth rate, according to Gartner. There are many benefits to a hosted system over a premise-based system, and companies are more educated on these features than they were when the technology first started to reach wide-acceptance.




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