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9 Signs its time to upgrade your phone system

9 Signs it’s time to upgrade your phone system

  • Your employees can’t easily access calls outside the office.
  • One system doesn’t support multiple locations.
  • You have multiple systems in multiple locations.
  • You are paying expensive maintenance and support costs.
  • Your call volume is a problem.
  • Your phone system is clearly dated, based on today’s standards.
  • Changing the system is a real pain.
  • You’re phones go dark when the power shuts off.
  • Your phone system cannot accommodate new technology and integrate with important business applications.


If you haven’t upgraded your phone system in the last five years your company is running the CPU equivalent of a [TRS-80] – simply put you’ve got an inefficient system that is dragging down productivity. Advanced communication tools like chat, unified messaging and video are now integrated with business phone systems.


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