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Cisco 2016 Annual Security Report

Learn security industry insights and key findings taken from threat intelligence and the latest cybersecurity trends.


  • Security trends affecting enterprises, including the growing use of encryption and the potential security risks it presents
  • Weaknesses in how small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are protecting their networks
  • Research on enterprises relying on outdated, unsupported, or end-of-life software to support their IT infrastructure.
  • Updated look at web attack vectors, web attack methods, and vulnerabilities.
  • An extensive look into growing threats such as ransomware.


Security professionals must rethink their defense strategies.

Adversaries and defenders are both developing technologies and tactics that are growing in sophistication. For their part, bad actors are building strong back-end infrastructures with which to launch and support their campaigns. Online criminals are refining their techniques for extracting money from victims and for evading detection even as they continue to steal data and intellectual property.

The Cisco 2016 Annual Security Report—which presents research, insights, and perspectives from Cisco Security Research—highlights the challenges that defenders face in detecting and blocking attackers who employ a rich and ever-changing arsenal of tools.




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