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Cisco Cloud Web Security

Benefits at a glance:

  • Fully integrated web security, application control, management and reporting
  • Powered by Talos Threat Intelligence for comprehensive zero-day threat protection
  • Near-real-time web protection, plus granular application visibility and control.
  • Zero-day defense through heuristics engines, signatures, and more
  • Analysis of more than 100 TB of security intelligence and 13 billion web requests daily to detect and mitigate threats
  • Granular visibility and control of more than 150,000 applications and micro-applications
  • Simplified integration with Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client
  • Scalable to accommodate from 25 to more than 10,000 users


Easily and quickly deploy web security as a cloud service to protect against increasingly sophisticated attackers. These cybercriminals take advantage of new attack vectors—mobile devices, web-enabled and mobile applications, and web browsers—to accomplish their mission. You can safeguard your organization from deceptive web-borne tactics:

  • Watering-hole attacks conceal malware on member-based sites.
  • Phishing scams target individuals with personal details.
  • Botnets take control of victims’ devices.

You’ll experience strong defense across a range of attack vectors for protection against advanced threats. To control usage and stop criminals, you can benefit from a solution that fits within your infrastructure and immediately adapts to changing threats.




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