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ClearChoiceMD Leverages Award-Winning Cloud Technologies to Improve Medical Services for Underserved Rural Regions

New Cloud Connect network bonding service from Evolve IP enables reliable medical care

The Challenge

CCMD’s poor voice communications and data services were negatively impacting productivity, morale, and sales. With the majority of their locations located in remote regions of the northeast, they were dependent upon public Internet for network and back-up. Even with multiple providers, they were experiencing delays, disruptions and poor quality of service.

The Solution

CCMD deployed Evolve IP’s Cloud Connect bonding service for highly reliable network delivery with a reduction of downtime to zero. The IP phone system and unified communications service provides advanced business continuity capabilities, mobility features, and quality high-definition voice communications. Additionally, the service maintains CCMD’s HIPAA compliance.


CCMD sees increases in sales, customer satisfaction, and a 30% ROI after deploying Evolve IP’s Cloud Connect bonding service and unified communications services. Eliminates dropped calls, data issues and provides business continuity for urgent care clinics.

Customer Profile

Based in Northern New England, ClearChoiceMD treats urgent, non-life-threatening medical needs – from cold, flus, fevers, rashes, aches, pains and backaches to minor burns and cuts to simple broken bones – in a timely fashion and is open seven days a week, 12 hours a day. Owned and operated by physicians, the company has established itself as a leader in urgent care offering many services which a doctor’s office may not provide like X-ray, stitches, IV fluids and IV medications.

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