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Collaboration Survey Highlights

In the fall of 2019, Evolve IP conducted a survey of more than 300 Information Technology, Executive and Operations professionals on how their business is using or plans to use collaboration services.

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The survey revealed a number of key insights, including some organizational risks, and showed that businesses and their departments have already embraced a wide variety of collaboration tools; whether the IT group and executive teams were ready or not. – 3 key findings were uncovered.

About the survey: The online, unbranded survey was conducted by Evolve IP in the fall of 2019. 70% of respondents were from North America while 30% responded from the EU / UK. 80% of survey respondents worked in IT, 11% were C-suite executives and 9% worked in finance or ops. The majority of businesses responding were mid-sized businesses (57.5%) with employee sizes from 100 – 4,999. 31% were smaller businesses with 1 – 99 associates, while 11.5% had over 5,000 employees.

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