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Debunk the “myths” of DaaS Cover

Debunk the “myths” of DaaS

The myths

  • You Can’t Do DaaS Under Microsoft Licensing
  • Only Shared Session-Based Desktops Can Be Used for DaaS
  • DaaS is Too Expensive
  • DaaS Delivers Poor User Experience
  • DaaS Security is Lacking
  • DaaS Won’t Work with Your Onsite IT Assets
  • DaaS Does Not Support Consumerization of IT
  • Migrating Users to DaaS is Hard
  • DaaS Requires Lots of Bandwidth
  • The Disconnected Use Case is a Deal-Breaker
  • Every User is Not a Perfect Use Case for VDI

Download for the full explanations.


Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is the delivery of a virtual desktop (VDI) offered as a hosted service by a service provider. DaaS has the potential to radically change the way desktops are purchased and managed. However, as is typical with such emerging, disruptive technologies, there is a good deal of confusion about what is and isn’t possible with DaaS.

This paper exposes—and debunks—the top 11 DaaS myths, which range from supposed cost, user experience and security issues, to ease of use, licensing and integration limitations. It shows how, by consuming virtual desktops
as a cloud-hosted service, businesses can deliver high-performing desktops to users on any device in minutes, easing IT management burdens and reducing the total cost of desktop ownership.




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