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Email Vulnerability in Healthcare

Exposing the common vulnerabilities that drive ransomware and make off-site disaster recovery essential

  • The potential for monetary loss is significant
  • Controlling human behavior is the underlying challenge
  • The need for data backups and disaster recovery is clear


While it should come as no surprise, security and growing regulatory burdens are the top concerns for healthcare CIO’s. Ransomware, denial of service, and data theft attacks are in the headlines every day. The estimated annual cost of ransomware payments in 2016 was over one billion dollars. In fact, the number of ransomware attacks in 2016 was up by more than 4 times.¹ PHI security, data breaches and data theft remain critical issues. Cybercriminals have learned to follow the path of least resistance. Rather than trying to penetrate network security fortifications, they seek access to systems through the compromise of valid user accounts. Stealing credentials and using them to access a network is easier, less risky, and ultimately more productive than exploiting a perimeter vulnerability.




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