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HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

Cloud computing is being widely adopted by small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) and enterprises alike across all industries Healthcare is no exception. This is because the rapid digitization of the industry is outpacing the ability of legacy systems and infrastructures to accommodate and manage the increasing explosion of clinical and research data and the quickly growing demand for expanded sharing and access. Healthcare is experiencing unprecedented digital disruption, and organizations who fail to embrace the cloud fully in a timely manner will soon find themselves at a serious competitive disadvantage.


Big data sharing and analytics will play a vital role in the transformation of healthcare as we shift toward value-based, patient-centric care. An explosion of data that will be generated and must be stored, tracked, tagged and analyzed is being fueled by a growing number of major trends, including:


  • Understand the 7 key cloud computing benefits for healthcare organizations
  • See how HIPAA compliance is integral to a comprehensive cloud computing strategy
  • Learn the 9 critical considerations for choosing a cloud DRaaS partner




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