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Microsoft Teams vs Cisco Webex Teams Comparison Matrix

Compare Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex Teams side by side and find out which solution is a better fit for your business.

Features Cisco Webex Teams Microsoft Teams
Ease of use and design
Borderless collaboration All the Webex Teams spaces you’re in–whether created by you, your co-workers, or people outside your organization - coexist in a single, consistent experience. Must create another account, authenticate, and switch accounts when invited to work with different organizations, leading to functionality loss and productivity drain.
Search everything from one place Search keywords for messages, files, people, and space names across all your spaces, whether created by you, your co-workers, or people outside your organization. Users must switch accounts to search when working with different organizations.
Native whiteboarding experience Native in-app whiteboarding with seamless usage on the Webex Board. Broaden support to the Webex DX80 and Room Series devices during Webex Teams meetings. None
Flexible cloud evolution Leverage existing on-premises investments such as Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, and Cisco Unified CM. Use Jabber with team messaging mode to seamlessly deliver new team collaboration features to existing UC users. Must migrate services like Microsoft Exchange and your enterprise PBX to the cloud and fully migrate users away from Skype for Business in order to get team collaboration functionality.
Meeting capabilities
Meet with other app users Yes Yes
Enterprise meeting features Meeting scheduling, recording, guest lobby, ability to mute others, screen sharing, and more Yes
Join external meetings Stay in Webex Teams and join third-party standards-based SIP meetings with the simple click/touch of a Join button so you can get more done from a single place. No
Native support for external video users Up to 200 video users can join each Webex Teams meeting. This includes Cisco video devices, industry-standard SIP devices, and even users of proprietary Skype for Business. Requires third-party provider support, and capacity for devices to join is fixed across all meetings with extra costs for each additional concurrent SIP endpoint.
Simplified meeting scheduling on native calendar Simply add @meet to the meeting location field to automatically populate join information, even from native mobile device calendars. No
Collaboration Device Experience
Single experience for hardware, software, services Our Webex Teams app and award-winning Webex room and desk devices are designed from the ground up by Cisco for seamless user experiences, IT manageability, and customer support. Meeting room devices are primarily built and supported by third parties.
Use existing collaboration devices Join Webex Teams meetings from existing SIP devices, enjoy the full team collaboration experience from Webex-registered devices without requiring costs or upgrades, and use existing Cisco IP phones for calling. Must purchase new IP phones or use interoperability gateway. Meeting room device hardware and software upgrades may be required.
Touch-free experience to connect with devices Users wirelessly connect their Webex Teams app on desktop or mobile devices with nearby Webex devices to share screens, join meetings, take meetings to go, and more. Requires interaction with room systems and manual steps to do things such as join meetings.
Simple whiteboard sharing Users connected to a Webex Board can instantly receive saved whiteboard in the app. Must log in to apps on Microsoft Surface Hub and share whiteboards in separate tools such as email.
Meeting quality
Use both cloud and on-premises resources Webex Video Mesh delivers the benefits of premises-based video such as high quality and low latency with the benefits and scale of the cloud. No
Maintain quality on congested networks Prioritize business applications with Cisco Fast Lane to whitelist iOS and macOS applications for better performance, even when the network is congested. No
Embed communications in apps
Embed communications in your apps Embed voice and video calling, screen sharing, messaging, and more in your iOS, Android, and web apps. No
Security and compliance
Maintain data policy for external teamwork Even if your company's Webex Teams users are working in spaces created by external users, your important data policies, such as eDiscovery and compliance, can be kept in place. Adheres to data policies only for teams created by internal users. Data is no longer discoverable when users share content as a guest in other organizations' channels.
Complete end-to-end encryption Content is protected from attacks at rest, in use, and in transit. No
Keep content encryption keys on-premises Delivering utmost control and security. No
Calling capabilities
Industry-leading calling capabilities Go beyond native in-app VoIP and SIP calling. Use Cisco's industry-leading enterprise-grade PBX features, IP Phones, and PSTN calling with our cloud or premises calling solutions. No

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