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Preventing Devastating Data Loss in Healthcare Featuring Evolve IP’s Prem Extend™ Suite of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions

In the face of unrelenting ransomware and cyberattacks, those in the healthcare industry require comprehensive protection of confidential data, prevention of business disruption, and a powerful defensive stance against cybercriminals. This white paper:

  • Outlines the current cyber-threat landscape facing the healthcare industry
  • Explains Evolve IP’s Prem Extend Disaster Recovery Suite
  • Shares how companies are using rapid response and recover to survive cyberattacks


Healthcare companies face unending stress from a constantly evolving marketplace. Now, they are also facing an insidious foe: Ransomware – computer malware that makes the victim’s data inaccessible until a high ransom is paid. Sophisticated criminals encrypt the victim’s files and demand a payment to decrypt them. The payoff for hackers can be huge. The Federal Bureau of Investigation estimated that in just six months, the extortionists behind the 2014 CryptoLocker strain of ransomware swindled $27 million from people whose data they took hostage.



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