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Ransomware is Dead: How Healthcare-Related Businesses Can Alleviate the Pain of Ransomware

How can ransomware be dead? Especially when ransomware attacks grew to be a $1 billion issue in 2016? Ransomware and related cyberattacks don’t just threaten to impact PHI security, they also put critical patient communications and service delivery at risk. Cloud-based business solutions allow healthcare firms large and small to respond rapidly and stop ransomware dead in its tracks.

Join this webinar featuring Evolve IP and Nimble Storage to see how healthcare-related businesses are removing the fear and pain of ransomware with robust back up, recovery, and business continuity solutions. You’ll learn how to negate even the most crippling ransomware attacks by restoring full operational capabilities within minutes of the incident.

In this session, you will hear:

  • Real-life case studies of recent ransomware attacks and examples of how customers easily avoided disaster
  • How managed cloud solutions provide dramatic benefits over internally-managed incident response
  • How Nimble Storage supports hybrid-cloud security, data mobility, and business continuity
  • How Evolve IP’s HIPAA-compliant, HITRUST-audited cloud infrastructure provides the idea environment for PHI protection and business performance

See why, with the proper proactive approach, ransomware is dead.


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