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8 Security and Productivity Benefi ts of Business-grade File Sync Technology

8 Security and Productivity Benefits of Business-Grade File Sync Technology

The rapid adoption of consumer-grade file sync services in the workplace is one of the greatest security risks for businesses today. Your employees want their critical business files with them wherever they go, including on their personal smartphones, tablets, or even home computers. Industry analysts have dubbed the trend of personal device use in the workplace as “bring your own device,” or BYOD. Unfortunately, the growth in mobility, BYOD and the desire to work anywhere creates a number of new challenges for protecting corporate data.


Consumer-grade sync services, such as Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive, empower users to sync their work data and files with their mobile devices, laptops and home PCs, but they can be a recipe for disaster from the perspectives of data protection and compliance.

Business-grade file sync delivers an alternative approach for security conscious organizations. Savvy and growth-oriented organizations know that you should enable employees to be productive wherever they go, but without compromising the security and control of sensitive corporate data.

This cloud brief explores eight ways business-grade cloud file sync technology will boost data security and make your team more productive.


8 Security and Productivity Benefits SYNC - CB


8 Security and Productivity Benefits SYNC

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