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Skype Communicator

Evolve IP’s Skype Communicator improves the unified communication experience for Microsoft Office 365 users by providing enterprise-grade telephony features such as PSTN calling, phone presence status, softphone calling, and more. With Skype Communicator, your organization will have the ability to Skype for REAL Business.

Data Sheet

79% of U.S. enterprises are adopting Microsoft Skype for Business to transform the way they communicate and collaborate with one another. Adding an integrated enterprise-grade IP telephone system can enhance their unified communication experience and can significantly improve their value in delivering REAL business.

Evolve IP’s Skype Communicator provides you with a solution to improve your daily communication by offering enterprise quality voice services that are easy to use while you are in office, on the road or working remotely.

Evolve IP’s Skype Communicator takes a great unified communications client such as Skype for Business to the next level by providing an enterprise-grade soft client. Here are a few key features and benefits that allow Microsoft Office 365 users to Skype for REAL Business:


  • Phone presence status: including do not disturb are updated in the Skype client, automatically from the phone platform
  • Click to call: with desk phone or mobile via the public network from within Microsoft Skype for Business client
  • Soft Phone calling with full call handling: such as Mute, End Call, Transfer, Hold & Conferencing
  • Video calling: with full call handling features mentioned above
  • Incoming call notification: on the desktop to accept or decline calls


  • Use your existing Microsoft interface: to perform daily communications
  • Improve communications: by layering enterprise voice services into user’s desktops
  • Work from any location: while remaining connected to the of ce with voice and video calling to supplement Microsoft UC features
  • Avoid distracting messages: while on the phone by broadcasting phone presence on Skype

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