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The 2019 Cloud Adoption Survey

This blind, web-based survey was conducted by Evolve IP in early 2019, featuring 890 respondents in North America. 74.5% of the respondents came from companies with between 50 and 5,000 employees, 10% were businesses with 11-49 associates, 11% were enterprise with 5,000+ associates and 4.5% were small businesses with 10 employees or less.


The information for this documentary was provided by the Commanders (C-level executives), Financiers, and Foot Soldiers (IT professionals) involved in approving and/or implementing cloud, hybrid and on-premises IT services. 890 responders participated in the development of the program, making it one of the most thorough examinations completed on this topic.


Prologue (4)
Episode One: What Do You Believe? (5)
Episode Two: cracks in the Fortress (7)
Episode Three: The Weapons of Business (8)
Episode Four: a new front develops (9)
Episode Five: Trojan Horses (and Worse) (9)
Episode Six: Follow the Money (10)
About the Program (11)

High-Value Targets for the House of Cloud

With the tide turned, and the Cloudriders attacking aggressively, all eyes have focused on their next conquests. Already, 91% of combatants have launched a volley against the Ironclad; deploying at least one service with the House of Cloud. The top weapons deployed today in the Cloudrider arsenal are Microsoft O365 (52.5%), Servers / Data Centers (45%) and CRM (24.5%).

The future continues to look bleak for the Ironclad as reports from the field show that 87% plan to deploy new or additional services with the Cloudriders. Even among loyalists, those that doubt the House of Cloud’s long-term viability and value, 77% will deploy a cloud service in the next 3 years.

The Top Services to be Deployed into the Cloud in the Next 3 Years:
  1. Data backup (48%)
  2. Servers/ data centers (46.5%)
  3. Office 365 (36.5%)
  4. Disaster Recovery w/ RTO / RPO (34%)
  5. Phone systems (29%)
  6. CRM (24.5%)
  7. Finance & ERP (22%)
  8. Identity & Access Management (17.5%)
  9. Call Centers (10%)
  10. DaaS (8%)

House of Cloud War Coffers are Growing

The House of Cloud has seen significant levels of investment over the past several years and it is taking money directly away from the Ironclad. In fact, as noted earlier, according to Gartner 28% of spending in key IT segments will shift to the cloud by 2022.

According to the regiments who responded to our survey they are at the forefront of increasing their investment in the House of Cloud.

In 2019:

  • 51.5% increased their investment in cloud
  • 44.5% maintained their investment in cloud
  • 4% decreased their investment in cloud
Investment Increases are Showing a Slight Uptick Compared to 2018

In 2018:

  • 45% increased their investment in cloud
  • 50.5% maintained their investment in cloud
  • 4.5% decreased their investment in cloud

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