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Future-Proof Your Business With The Ultimate Omnichannel Contact Center Strategy

The Ultimate Omnichannel Contact Center Strategy

Watch this webinar to enhance your customer experience and future-proof your contact center with an omnichannel strategy.


If you have a call center then you know that most customers today are demanding the ability to use their preferred channel (calls, email, chat, web callback, web chat, social, etc.) to communicate with organizations. According to research, businesses that have an omnichannel contact center strategy in place retain an average of 89% of their customers. In this webinar, Rich Fox, VP of Contact Center Solutions, Evolve IP addresses the following points:

  • The Need & Drivers for an Omnichannel Contact Center
  • Challenges of Adopting an Omnichannel Model
  • Key Criteria to Consider a Contact Center Provider
  • How to Increase Customer Engagement Using Omnichannel
  • The Ultimate Tips & Strategies to Maximize Omnichannel Experience for your Contact Center
  • and more!

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