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Virtual Data Center Data Sheet

Virtual Data Center Standard Features:

• Guaranteed Resource Reservation – Compute resources 100% allocated
• Ability to oversubscribe computing resources within allocated pool
• Service Level Agreement – 99.999% uptime and availability
• Enterprise grade compute resources delivered from Evolve IP’s Enterprise-class cluster
• Best-in-Class virtualization technology from VMware and EMC
• True Customer Isolation with Private VLAN
• High Availability – Hardware Failover Built-in
• Private Security – True Stateful-inspection Firewall
• Full administrative control for customers to build servers at will • Award-winning Cloud Management Portal for self-provisioning virtual machines
• Multiple Operating System Options
• Built-in Server Applications
• Secure and Flexible Connectivity options with other Evolve IP Products (Evolved Office HPBX, Evolved Office Desktop)


Virtual Data Center is a virtual private cloud computing service that enables customers to leverage resource reservation pools (processor, memory and disk) of computing assets at Evolve IP’s world- class data centers. Utilizing these guaranteed resources, customers have the ability to create virtual machines and allocate and provision computing assets on demand from the Evolve IP vCloud Director portal.




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