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Desktop as a Service for Dummies

VMware DaaS For Dummies Guide

Physical desktop computers with locally installed operating systems and applications no longer make sense for the modern business world. They’re expensive, insecure, maintenance intensive, and lack sufficient support for the rapidly changing business landscape.

Download the Desktop as a Service (DaaS) for Dummies Guide to explore how today’s workforce has evolved and what it means for desktop computing and businesses.


By virtualizing desktops and applications and moving to the cloud, organizations can realize many benefits — centralized and simplified management and orchestration, greater business agility, improved security and compliance, and reduced IT capital expenditures (CAPEX) and total cost of ownership (TCO) — across their entire IT infrastructure portfolio, from servers, storage, and networking to desktops and applications.


Table of Contents:

  • About This Book
  • Foolish Assumptions
  • Icons Used in This Book
  • Beyond the Book
CHAPTER 1: Recognizing the Changing Workforce
  • Shifting Toward Mobility
  • Working Like a Millennial
  • Defining the Digital Workspace
  • Ensuring Better Security and Compliance
  • Simplifying Desktop Management
  • Reducing Total Cost of Ownership
CHAPTER 2: Getting the Most Out of Your Desktops and Apps in the Cloud
  • Desktop and App Virtualization Basics
  • Comparing On-Premises VDI and DaaS
  • Making the Move to Desktop and App Virtualization in the Cloud
CHAPTER 3: Avoiding Common DaaS Pitfalls
  • Getting Users Involved
  • Conducting a Pre-Assessment
  • Managing a Pilot Project
  • Defining DaaS Use Cases
  • Optimizing the Desktop Image
  • Understanding Impacts to the Performance of
  • Other Systems
  • Developing an Application Deployment Strategy
CHAPTER 4: Exploring Cloud Desktop and Apps
  • Use Cases
  • Enabling a “Cloud First” Strategy
  • Maximizing Limited IT Resources in Small and Medium Businesses
  • Securely Supporting Remote Workers
  • Delivering Elastic and Flexible Demand for Desktops
  • Migrating to Windows 10
  • Providing Desktop Disaster Recovery Capabilities
CHAPTER 5: Ten Common Myths about DaaS
CHAPTER 6: Ten Key Benefits of DaaS

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