Mitigating Web Threats With Comprehensive, Cloud Delivered Web Security

Organizations rely heavily on the web not only to innovate and compete, but also to conduct daily business.  Yet, every web interaction exposes companies to hidden cybersecurity threats, staff productivity losses and significant business risks. Attacks on this mission-critical tool are continually evolving, increasingly damaging and harder to detect.

Traditional web security methods can block known threats but are not able to adapt to the changing threat landscape or to handle advanced malware. Beyond perimeter defense, your own users may consume excess bandwidth or access inappropriate content that can put your organization at risk. And their personal devices may introduce malware from inside the firewall.

A few of the trends dissolving the traditional network security perimeter:

  • Uncontrolled use of web-based and social networking applications by staff – opening the door not only to web malware but also to compliance and data security risk
  • Expansion of unsecure public Wi-Fi
  • A growing population of smaller branch office
  • A highly mobile workforce
  • “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) policies

Web security products protect against both inbound malware threats and outbound data leakage threats and they are increasingly tapped by other security components to leverage their threat intelligence data for better situational awareness. The underlying security functions remain the same, but the components are now increasingly able to communicate threat intelligence data. This interoperability provides the ability to automate the process of calibrating your organization’s security posture to changing threat conditions.

Cisco Web Security

Cisco Cloud Web Security Essentials

As a cloud service, Cisco® Cloud Web Security (CWS) delivers superior flexibility. A single management interface provides global control, providing enforcement of detailed web-usage policies across an entire organization no matter where users are located or on what device. Through the Cisco AnyConnect® Secure Mobility Client, Cloud Web Security extends its strong protection to roaming laptop users and ensuring that company policies are consistent across all users.

As a cloud-delivered web security solution, Cisco CWS offers extensive security as a service (SaaS). Deployment is simple and fast. No maintenance or upgrades are required.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • With fully integrated web security, application control, management and reporting – Administrators can set and enforce specific web use policies across the entire environment.
  • Scalable to accommodate from 25 to more than 10,000 users.
  • Cisco CWS controls access to websites and specific content in Web pages as well as applications.
  • Cisco’s analysis engines deliver continual industry-leading antimalware and zero-day threat protection against web-based attacks.
  • Cisco’s advanced global threat telemetry network continuously updates Cisco CWS against the latest threats.

Cisco Cloud Web Security is fed by information from Talos, the largest global threat telemetry network of any company that updates file reputation and web reputation scores.

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