Delivering an optimal member experience has never been more critical. Evolve IP’s award-winning cloud services provide credit unions, banks and financial institutions with the opportunity to increase member satisfaction, protect systems and member data and improve team productivity – all without capital expense.

Proven Cloud Solutions for the Financial Industry

As a financial services organization you’re managing a constantly transforming IT landscape. Compliance, customer demands and ever-changing security threats require significant resources and the utmost skill to navigate successfully. Meanwhile, to compete and grow you must maintain a laser-like focus on your clients and members to ensure their satisfaction and deliver new services. These challenges are why credit unions, banks and other financial organizations are turning faster than ever to secure, compliant clouds.

Evolve IP’s cloud services, delivered through The Evolve IP Compliance CloudTM ensure that your associates and IT team are productive, your data is secure and that you are able to scale and grow quickly to deliver the services your customers want without investing in additional capital expenditures.

Whether you’re evaluating a private or hybrid cloud solution Evolve IP can help with the following award-winning, Gartner-recognized services:

  • Call centers – that significantly improve member satisfaction and drive valuable data analytics
  • IP phone systems – with advanced communications features that drive branch collaboration, mobility and business continuity
  • Disaster recovery – that mitigates risk and minimizes business impact
  • Virtualized infrastructure – that provides additional security, easier management and a more scalable environment
  • Virtual desktops – and related services that make both IT and associates more productive

How We Can Help

Cloud Call Centers

Dramatically improve member satisfaction, regardless of branch and employee’s location

  • Integrate with over 50+ business and banking integrations including Symitar, JHA, Fiserv
  • Free your members from long wait and hold times with the Queue Callback option
  • Immediately answer your member’s queries with advanced routing and IVR features
  • Instantly receive feedback on member’s experience by offering Post Call Surveys
  • Improve your member service with advanced call reporting and recording functionality

Disaster Recovery

Near real-time recovery minimizes business impact and mitigates risk

  • A suite of DR services that will meet your RTO & RPO compliance objective
  • Be assured of business continuity in the event of cyber attacks, power outage or application failure

IP Phone Systems & UC

Increase your team’s productivity by moving your phone system to Evolve IP’s cloud

  • Allow your IT professionals to enjoy unmatched control and point-and-click configurations over all services through our virtual cloud director portal

Virtual Data Centers

Sets the IT standard for cybersecurity, flexibility and control –

  • Eliminate the trouble of managing multiple on-site servers, support, upgrades and backup
  • Allow your IT professionals to enjoy unmatched control and point-and-click configurations over all services through our virtual cloud director portal

Desktop Services & Virtual Desktops

Let IT focus on strategic initiatives that grow your credit union

  • Automatically update all systems with a single click and free your IT professionals from the time consuming task of manually checking each system
  • Extend the usability life of older computers and save on hardware replacement costs
  • Eliminate support headaches and increase employee productivity