How Cloud Technology can help Restaurants

Restaurant executives are faced with brutal demands: deliver same-store sales growth; open new stores and concepts quickly; know what their patrons want and deliver it consistently; measure performance and respond to opportunities; keep costs to a minimum… the list goes on!

The good news for owners and managers is that there is a way to make these goals more achievable: cloud technology.

  • Cloud allows you to cut IT costs, which allows money to be reallocated elsewhere. This might be opening more locations, refurbishing existing premises, branding, marketing, staff training… whatever makes your
    business more competitive.
  • Cloud helps cut IT complexity, which means you can open new outlets faster, update systems at the click of a button without lengthy and expensive
    roll-out programs, and get access to all-important performance data more easily.
  • Cloud gives you greater speed and agility—whether that means introducing new menus and promotions within days instead of months, or being able to respond to customer concerns, for example that waiting in line is preventing them from visiting more frequently or that paying the check takes too long.

How We Can Help

Nothing is more important to your business than the relationships with your customers and a reliable, crystal-clear communications system with advanced features is vital for the success of your restaurant. Evolve IP’s award-winning cloud IP phone system provides an enterprise quality hosted PBX with advanced unified communication features and world-class voice quality.

  • Frees your business from managing carriers, hardware and vendors
  • Make and receive calls from the main business number via mobile devices
  • Low and predictable monthly fee

Employees moving between work locations can access the same work environment, data and applications. If a user loses a device, he can easily connect to the server from another device as all components are readily available at login. All data are saved in the data center, so lost or stolen devices will have little effect on the organization’s data integrity (assuming that they are secured correctly). Recovery from any disaster is easily achievable.

  • Enforce end-to-end security, consistently, across all users, regardless of device.
  • A single pane of glass for managing every desktop, regardless of location or type.
  • Provide user support, routine upgrades, backups, and virus protection from the Evolve IP cloud.

For multi-location and franchise restaurants, Evolve IP’s cloud based Call Center provides incredible control and benefits to your business that cannot be achieved with cumbersome on-site equipment and systems.

  • Replaces the need for multiple vendors for telephone, internet and data storage
  • Simplifies administration, having just one point of contact
  • Seamlessly integrates multiple locations through a single system

The Evolve IP virtual data center is a private cloud computing service that enables restaurants to leverage guaranteed resource reservation pools at Evolve IP’s world-class data centers. Using the virtual private cloud customers gain the ability to create virtual machines and allocate and provision computing assets on demand.

  • Tier 4, SOC 3 and PCI DSS compliant data centers
  • Validated facility, device and media controls
  • Customers’ data is secured with biometric access controls, state-of-the-art fire suppression, redundant fiber rings, battery and generator backup and more

Evolve IP’s DRaaS suite was designed to allow businesses to determine their level of risk and spend accordingly for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DR/BC). When software is hosted on-premises, everything resides within the walls of the company. Increased natural disasters have wreaked havoc on restaurants in recent years, while the threat of data loss, breach or corruption continues to grow. With data stored Evolve IP’s cloud, owners don’t have to worry about losing information because of a technical issue, theft or fire/flood damage.

  • Meets all requirements for PCI DSS auditing, certification and standardization
  • Data centers are Tier 4 and SOC 3 compliant with validated facility, device and media controls
  • Suite of options to meet your unique business needs

Email has become the single most important communication medium of modern business. Your restaurant simply cannot survive without it. Evolved Exchange, a hosted Microsoft Exchange solution, provides your restaurant all of the flexibility, mobility, and advanced features of a premise-installed system, without all of the licensing, hardware, and personnel costs.

  • Updates and patches seamlessly managed by Evolve IP
  • Easy-to-use web-based administration panel enables you complete control over all email accounts within your organization
  • ActiveSync access for all your mobile devices

Moving to the cloud was easy with Evolve IP (CASE STUDY)

Evolve IP provides business continuity, improved phone services and boosts cost savings for The Palm Restaurant Group.

“The cloud has been completely transparent from where I sit and from my point of view. It has been great for reliability, it has given us automated backups, which I have come to rely on, and I feel very comfortable that our data is secure and being backed up on a regular basis. It’s replaced hardware at both our corporate office and all of our restaurants and it’s totally reduced or eliminated a lot of the maintenance expense we had with that equipment.”

Brett Kabik,
VP of Finance at The Palm


The Benefits of Operating your Restaurant in the cloud:

See significant cost savings with a hosted call center. Evolve IP replaces the need for multiple vendors for telephone, internet and data storage. It is also simpler from an admin standpoint having one point of contact and eliminatesfinger-pointingg between vendors.

With the traditional on premise phone system it’s not possible to tie together multiple locations, and it takes weeks, not minutes, to scale when you add a new store or restaurant. For franchise businesses with multiple locations, a cloud phone solution enables them to keep employees in multiple stores connected to customers and each other within the same phone system.

Data & Process integration
Stay competitive and increase efficiency by integrating all your applications managing CRM and delivery. Upon adopting cloud computing, minimum space is needed as data is on the cloud; and quick and easy access to information and processes, which cumulatively amounts to more time for productive activities.

Save time and money
Evolve IP’s cloud model eliminates the need to invest in hardware and infrastructure required and replaces it with a low, predictable monthly operating expense. Internally, everything can be managed centrally so updates or changes need only be input once, rather than at each restaurant.

Complete and manage tasks on the go
Cloud services offer decision makers the ability to have all of their company’s information accessible no matter where they do business. A great function is seamlessly transferring calls between all restaurants and corporate. Customers can carry phone handset home, plug it into the internet connection and be hooked up to the office and receive calls and transfers directly from the office, which has been is a huge benefit of our current customers.

Provide a better experience for guests
With hosted web servers, you can share customer information through affinity programs, building stronger loyalty programs, and creating specials that are more targeted. Part of the benefit of Evolve IP’s service is that it is a completely outsourced solution that requires no specialized in-house hardware – making it extremely accessible to restaurateurs and allowing them to focus on creating the best possible dining experience, as opposed to resolving technical issues with network infrastructure.