How Can Our Cloud Help Your Veterinary Clinic?

OneCloud Veterinary relieves your staff of time-consuming IT functions and hassles so they can focus on treating your patients and running your practice. Consider the advantages:

Professional Support, Worry-Free IT

When you go with OneCloud Veterinary, you can relax. Our staff of IT professionals will provide the regular maintenance and support you need to keep your practice management system up and running smoothly. Problems are avoided before they occur, and we’re always available to provide technical assistance. It’s like having a corporate IT department on hand, without the big company cost and red tape.

Better IT for Less Cost

In addition to providing better IT, OneCloud Veterinary can reduce your real IT expense, when you consider the hidden costs of man aging it yourself. Our fees are fixed with no hidden items, so your IT expenses will always be predictable. When OneCloud Veterinary hosts your server in our secure location, you can save even more and eliminate staff time dealing with server upgrades and replacements.

Staff Efficiency & Patient Focus

When you select OneCloud Veterinary to host and manage your IT service, your staff is freed up to focus on patient treatment, customer service and other key functions. The result is a more efficient office and stronger customer relationship that best fits your hospital’s needs, preferences and budget.

Comprehensive Threat Protection and Secure Data

OneCloud Veterinary will provide comprehensive protection from threats that can put your veterinary hospital’s system at risk. We keep your IT system current with appropriate updates and fixes automatically. If you choose OneCloud Veterinary hosting for your server, we will ensure that your data is safe and secure through our actively monitored daily backups.

Specially Designed for Veterinary Hospitals

Our team designed OneCloud Veterinary especially for veterinary hospitals based on our years of experience delivering IT services to practices like yours. We understand the unique challenges associated with the veterinary environment and provide effective solutions. To accommodate your hospital’s individual needs and preferences, we offer a full range of service options, all of which eliminate IT headaches and reduce costs.

Why OneCloud Veterinary is Right For You

You’re currently doing these yourself. OneCloud Veterinary allows you to focus more time on your patients instead of IT:

End user support of your local workstation
FREE anti-virus for all workstations and servers
Windows® patch management
Spyware detection and removal
Disk management and maintenance
U.S.-based Support*
Remote server hosting of your practice management application
Coordination with practice management application vendor
Daily backup
24-7 dedicated assistance center
Dedicated firewall/VPN appliance
Complete workstation, network and printer management services included

= Standard | = Optional

*Our team has decades of experience. We’ll even contact your current practice management vendor for technical support.

The Right IT Solution for Your Veterinary Hospital

OneCloud Veterinary is the IT hosting and management solution that can make your veterinary hospital’s IT easier, more reliable and less costly. We offer an array of customizable packages designed to meet the challenges and preferences of any size hospital, from remote system maintenance and technical support to complete off-site server hosting and management. Our expert technical team can keep your IT system running smoothly so your team can focus on treating your patients and running your practice.

Our Practices Set the Standard

When you choose OneCloud Veterinary, you can rest assured that you are working with seasoned IT professionals with the expertise and commitment to deliver standard-setting quality, reliability and value. OneCloud Veterinary is offered by Evolve IP, the cloud strategy provider, dedicated to crafting innovative IT solutions that create exceptional customer experiences. Our reputation is built on our performance.