While most businesses have sufficient data available, what they lack is the time & ability to turn that data into actionable insight. With Evolve Recap, businesses can analyze data points across conversations, capture critical attributes of the call & improve customer and employee interactions, all in a simplified, automated, compliant manner.

Why choose Evolve Recap?

With people working remote increasingly, most in-person interactions & meetings have moved to virtual calls. Whether you’re conducting interviews for recruiting purposes, coaching via distance learning, having M&A discussions or are a healthcare worker practicing telemedicine; having a voice-integrated speech analytics platform captures, highlights & stores key moments of your call, saves time spent in manual review or taking notes and is available at your finger-tips whenever you need.

Unlike most vendors that typically provide speech analytics only for contact center, Evolve Recap integrates with Evolve IP’s Unified Communications & Collaboration solution (including Teams) & takes your conversations into business-ready data across the enterprise to optimize decision making & support remote working.

Key Features

Search and Discover

Search and discover using keywords across conversations

Interactive Transcript

Transcribe every word, click to playback, annotate, share and enhance the transcript

Natural Language Processing

a.k.a moments, identify key points during a call, such as identifying when a customer sounds frustrated


Trigger an email, Teams message, or other alerts using our AI-powered notification system


  • Save time – spent on manual review and jump to specific sections of the recording that you need to focus on to drive process improvement
  • Gain Visibility – into customer tones, moods & personalities, drill down into problem areas & identify opportunities to improve customer experience
  • Empower Collaborative Coaching – Share calls with others to review, annotate & highlight key points to improve interactions & support training initiatives
  • Advanced analytics – Continue to learn & improvise based on advanced analytics
  • Maintain Compliance – and security by using Evolve IP’s One Cloud
  • Support Remote Working