This is an Evolve IP quick tip video on how to perform a consulted transfer. A consulted transfer occurs when a call comes in and you announce that call to the third party before it is transferred.

To perform a consulted transfer, let’s have a call come in. When the call comes in, you can either pick up the handset or hit the “answer” key. Once the call is answered, you will see a “transfer” soft key appear on your screen. You want to hit the “transfer” soft key putting the first caller on hold. And this will ask you to enter in either the extension or 10-digit phone number of the third party.

Once you enter the number, you want to hit the “send,” green phone and this will begin to then dial to the third party. When the third party answers the phone and wants to be connected to the caller, you will want to hit this “transfer” icon a second time. And this will immediately connect the first and third party. If the third party does not want to be connected with the first caller, you may hit the “cancel” icon and this will immediately put you back on the phone with the first caller.
This has been an Evolve IP Quick Tip Video on how to perform a consulted transfer.