Communicate In Your Preferred Method

In today’s on-demand world, enterprises need to give employees the capacity to communicate more efficiently and more expertly among themselves, and with customers, partners, and prospects. Being ‘out the office’ is no longer a viable reason to miss a call – an expectation that’s driving more Fortune 500 organizations to embrace the concept of unified communications (UC) as a powerful competitive advantage.UC combines all different communications and collaboration tools such as voice, IM, email, chat, web conferencing, desktop sharing, and integrated applications into one platform, supporting a consistent experience in the office as well as the road. Not a single product, UC offers a suite of tools & features that allow users to communicate in their preferred method while optimizing their experience with various advanced communications capabilities.

Modern UC is available in the cloud, but it’s more than just a technology offering ‘as-a-service.’ With the right UC partner, unified communications ‘as-a-strategy’ fosters a globally collaborative spirit and enables greater productivity, increased agility, and lower costs across the enterprise.

Mapping out the right UC Strategy

Every enterprise has different business needs, despite some common communications requirements (i.e., near-100% reliability or 99.999% uptime). Further, each functional team has unique processes and ways of communicating, requiring organizations to consider all of the various components of the business when unifying communications. An evaluation o the roles and workflows of different departments will determine how a UC platform can best serve different employees.

Start by determining the answers to the following fundamental questions:

  • Who are my end users?
  • Do they span across sales, services, support, other?
  • What applications do they use daily?
  • Where do they work – in both the office and field?
  • Is mobility important?
  • Can we support BYOD policies?
  • And do we allow workers from home offices?
  • Are we looking to consolidate vendors to reduce costs?

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