Q: Is Hosted VoIP Right for the Enterprise?

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Q: Do you have an SLA?

A: Yes, Evolve IP provides guaranteed SLAs on our core platform. Evolve IP also rates every phone call with a Mean Opinion Score (MOS) and has algorithms to alert the experienced team of engineers to even the slightest problem with the quality of the voice service.

Q: How do I add users? How do I handle and pay for moves, adds and changes (MACs)? How long does it take for your technicians to come on site for these MACs?

A: Making moves / adds / changes (MACs) is as simple as the click of a mouse via our award-winning OSSmosis Portal. There is no need to go through the lengthy process of scheduling and dispatching a technician to administer MACs.

Q: Where are your data centers?

A: Evolve IP has geographically redundant, active-active platforms in data centers located in Wayne, PA, Philadelphia, PA and Las Vegas, NV. Evolve IP is SOC3 certified.

Q: What happens if we have another storm like Fall 2012’s Hurricane Sandy where your data center is located?

A: Evolve IP experienced 100% uptime during Hurricane Sandy and thanks to our enterprise architecture, so did all of our cloud-based customers. Because we have three data centers located in Wayne, PA, Philadelphia, PA and Las Vegas, NV we have geographic diversity. We operate active/active platforms and all components are fully redundant.

Q: If I want to integrate my phone system with some of my software applications is that possible?

A: Because Evolve IP’s hosted solution is built on industry standards, customers can take advantage of pre-existing integrations to such applications as Outlook, Salesforce.com, and many more. The Evolve IP platform is also supported by open APIs enabling integration into your applications.

Q: How do you conduct user training?

A: Evolve IP offers training in a variety of methods, to best suit the way your users prefer to learn. Training can be provided on-site or via the web (custom or general), and a wealth of Quick Reference Guides and Quick Tip Videos that can be accessed at any time.

Q: How do I design or change my call flow?

A: During initial implementation an experienced Evolve IP project manager will consult with you on how to properly set up your call flow. With some minor training, your administrator will be self-sufficient – able to make virtually any change necessary to your hosted phone system via our award-winning OSSmosis Portal.

Q: What happens at the end of my term? Do I own the equipment?

A: One of the benefits of the Evolve IP model is mitigation against technology obsolescence. The phone equipment is part of the as-a-service model and is fully managed by Evolve IP.

Q: What happens if new phone models become available?

A: Unlike some providers that require you to purchase or provide a third party lease purchase, a hosted PBX solution from Evolve IP is on a subscription base for a pre-determined term. At the end of the term, you may chose to do technology refresh.

Q: Can I re-use my existing handsets?

A: Evolve IP utilized standard SIP protocols to deliver VoIP services. As such, many commercially available SIP phones are compatible with Evolve IP’s services. However, we’ve developed deep integrations into the phones that we deliver with our service to enable one-touch provisioning, support e911 and allow visual access to corporate directories directly on the phone. As a result, we highly recommend that users take advantage of Evolve IP provided phones. If you have older equipment that you’ve invested in, we often have programs and incentives available for upgrading.

Q: What if I am already in term for my voice service? For my WAN?

A: Generally speaking, Evolve IP can become a node on your WAN and allow you to fulfill your commitment to your existing provider. In terms of the voice service, the Evolve IP solution would replace your existing telephony service and any contractual obligations would need to be taken into consideration.

Q: What certifications do I need to manage your system?

A: With the Evolve IP Phone System solution, there’s no need for certifications. Through the easy-to-use, award-winning OSSmosis Administrator Portal, authorized administrators easily make changes to the system.

Q: What if my network were to go down?

A: The foundation of Evolve IP’s network architecture is survivability. All customers are provided with consultation regarding secondary points of access at their locations which Evolve IP can utilize for failover and have services survive. Should all access to a location be compromised the fundamental survivability of cloud-based architecture would survive, allowing automatic failover to mobile phones or alternative locations.

Q: I’m told I will need an MPLS network for my premise-based system – is that true for your system too?

A: Evolve IP can deliver service over a variety of different access types. We can install our own 100% fully managed private network, have you connect your existing MPLS network to our cloud, utilize public IP or a combination of all of these to maximize redundancy and survivability.

Q: Is maintenance included?

A: While many systems require support agreements to cover hardware and software upgrades and routine brake-fixes, a hosted VoIP solution from Evolve IP includes all upgrades and hardware fixes at no charge. You should note that some hosted providers do not include maintenance, so it’s important that you identify that.

Q: Is Evolve IP a carrier?

A: Evolve IP is a cloud service provider that can install our own private network to your locations, utilize your existing data network, utilize public IP connectivity or any combination thereof.

Q: Can the Evolve IP system integrate with my overhead paging system or the box at my front door?

A: Yes it can.

Q: If I want to integrate my Evolve IP phone system with some of my software applications – is that possible?

A: Because Evolve IP has built its solutions on industry standards, customers are able to take advantage of pre-existing integrations into popular applications such as Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM, ACT, Goldmine, and many more. For customers with less common applications, customers have access to our open APIs, allowing for custom-built integrations.